Djibouti based investors to establish abattoir in Ethiopia

In a bid to best exploit & add value to the untapped massive livestock resource in Ethiopia, Djibouti based investors from different African countries have made a three days investment visit deciding to establish state of the art abattoir.

When the new abattor goes operational, the processing plant will have an initial processing capacity of 600 bulls, 5,000 sheeps & goats & 100 camels a day. The deligation has also held discussions with high level government officials, relevant authorities as well as representatives of the private sector in the country.

Meeting with the State Ministers of Agriculture and Trade & Industry, Dr. Fikru Regassa and Ambassador Mesganu Arga; Director of Investment Promotion at the Ethiopian Investment Commission, Aschalew Tadesse, President of the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral Associations, Engineer Melaku Ezezew, the head of delegation Mustapha Jamma noted the new Abbatoir will introduce, integrated livestock from the farm to abbatoir enhancing the tracability of the animals to best serve European and other high standard markets.

The scheme will hugely impact the lives of the farmers and pastoralists, by introducing new concepts & knowhows on fattening and feedlot, medications & animal health managment as well as high level abattoir technology while creating employment on the ground.

Commending the investors for their fervent interest & sound proposal to work on one of the priorities of the government, the State Ministers underscored that schems such as traceability would widen the diversity of markets outside traditional markets such as the Middle East.

As a leading country in livestock riches in the continent, much has to be done to make use of these huge opportunity as the what has been gained so far is very poor.