Ethiopia repatriates over 41,800 migrants from Saudi

Ethiopia repatriates over 41,800 migrants from Saudi


The Government of Ethiopia said it has repatriated over 41,800 migrates who were suffering in Saudi Arabia prisons.

During the weekly press briefing the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Ambassador Dina Mufti, indicated that within the last few weeks a total of 41,873 Ethiopian migrants are helped to return to Ethiopia. The migrants are helped by the Ethiopian Government to return home as part of Ethiopia’s citizen-focused diplomacy, according to Ambassador Dina.

Recent reports have been indicating that tens of thousands of Ethiopians who illegally entered in to the country have been suffering in different detentions centers in Riyad and other cities.

The return of the 41,873 was facilitated after the officials of the two countries exchanged views last month on how to facilitate the safe return of Ethiopian migrants living in Saudi.

Ethiopian migrants is Saudi prisons do not have enough room to all lie down, so some sleep during the day and others at night, according to last Novemebr report of Human Rights Watch. “Guards have not provided mattresses, just unclean blankets. Photo images and video corroborated the witness accounts, including two videos showing hundreds of men either standing or lying on top of each other in a crowded room with piles of rubbish and debris in the corner,” the report said.