Ethiopia blames TPLF for returning back aid convoys

The Government Communications Service of Ethiopia said convoys carrying humanitarian aid to the people in Tigray region are forced to return back because the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) blocked “the only” humanitarian corridor by invading Afar region.

“As a result of the TPLF renewed attacks on Aba’ala, the only humanitarian corridor in the Afar region, humanitarian convoys had to stop their travel to Tigray & return. This indicates that the terrorist group is still trying to use hunger as a political tool,” said Government Communication Service.

It is recalled that TPLF has announced a few days ago that it has expanded its military operations out of Tigray in the neighboring Afar region of Ethiopia. Over the past few days both the Government of Ethiopia and TPLF have been accusing each other about the initiator of the new battle in Afar region.

TPLF has also been blaming the Government of Eritrea for the new war the area. “…Consequently, since yesterday morning (January 24), we have been compelled to take robust actions to neutralize the threat posed by the so-called Red Sea Afar Force, which has been organized by Awol Arba’s special police forces along with the Eritrean government in defiance of repeated peace overtures by the Government of Tigray as well as eminent elders in Afar,” TPLF said in its press statement.