Ethiopia makes face mask mandatory

Ethiopia makes face mask mandatory


By Sisay Woubeshet – To stop the spread of the global pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19), the Government of Ethiopia today makes mandatory wearing face masks for all people outside of their homes or offices.

The Government has also announced changing working hours for public servants as of today. All civil servants in Ethiopia will start their morning office work on 7.30 A.M in the morning and end 3.30 P.M. in the afternoon. A few months ago, the government has ordered public servants to stay at home and try to work from their homes whenever possible.

The country has also lifted the ban on movement of personal (non-commercial) automobiles in the capital, Addis Ababa, which was imposed initially to avoid crowds of people that could fuel the spread of the global pandemic.

The shift set earlier by the government allowing personal cars ending with even plate numbers one day and those ending with odd numbers the other day, has now ended. Now all personal cars can be used seven days a week, according to the revised law by the government.