Ethiopia increases coronavirus testing labs to 26

The number of coronavirus testing laboratories in Ethiopia has increased to 26 with 28 testing machines and 7,500 daily testing ability.

“The maximum testing capacity of the country has increased to 7,500 per day,” said Bilene Seyoum, Press Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office, who stated that currently there are 26 laboratories in Ethiopia that are providing coronavirus tests with 28 machines. “This is the key strategy that the government has been spearheading to ensure that we are increasing our testing capacities as part of our prevention and mitigation efforts,” she said, this morning.

“While Ethiopia continues to strengthen this testing capacity, which gives more data on the spread of the virus, it is still imperative all continue to follow the measures that have been put in place by the state of emergency committee,” Bilene added, indicating that strictly following those measures will save the country from full blown health crisis.

Including 14 new cases, a total of 365 coronavirus cases are confirmed in Ethiopia, of which 120 have recovered and five died.
After conducting 3,271 coronavirus laboratory tests in the last 24 hours, 14 people are found COVID-19 positive, Dr. Liya Tadesse, according to the Minister of Health of Ethiopia.