Ethiopia advised to hold general election cautiously

The Ministry of Health of Ethiopia today advised the government to cautiously conduct general election, which was postponed last a few months ago because of the our break of the pandemic – coronavirus.

Taking additional necessary precautions to avoid the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the country can now start preparations to hold the 5th round of its general general election, according to Minister of Health Dr. Liya Tadesse. She made the recommendation to the members of the parliament at the Extraordinary Assembly of the Ethiopian Parliament this morning.

The recommendations of the Ministry is referred to the legal and justice standing committee of the Parliament for further scrutiny. In her report the Minister stated that though the number of new infections of coronavirus in Ethiopia is not showing decline, the country has managed to build its testing capacity and managed to prepare many treatment centers across the country.

Since the first case was reported in Ethiopia last April, over 66,200 people are found infected by the virus. Out of them, 1,045 have lost their lives. So far about 1,166,000 people in Ethiopia have got coronavirus laboratory tests, according to the daily COVID-19 report of the Ministry.