Coronavirus cases in Ethiopia increase to 92


The total number of confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Ethiopia has increased to 92 after 7 additional people are found in the last 24 hours.

All the seven new infected people are Ethiopian nationals including a 14 years old girl, according to the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia. Except the 14 years old girl, all the six COVID-19 positive people have international travel experience to the Unites Sates, Belgium, Japan and Sweden.
In a related development, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and First Lady Zinash Tayachew today visited coronavirus patients in Addis Ababa at Yeka Kotebe Hospital. They also donated necessary food and medical supplies to the patients and medical staff helping the patients.

In Africa over 900 people have died while more than 17,000 have been reported COVID-19 positive. Algeria and Egypt are the top two countries losing over 300 and 180 lives respectively. Globally the United States of America have been hit badly by coronavirus registering over 600,000 confirmed cased and 31,000 death by the global pandemic so far. Italy and Spain have also lost over 15,000 lives each by coronavirus, which originated from the Chinese province of Wuhan.