Acute water diarrhea outbreak kills 3 people in Ethiopia

The outbreak of Acute water diarrhea (AWD) has killed three people in North Gondar Tselemt area in Amhara region of Ethiopia.

The three people who were getting medical treatment after acquiring AWD have passed away, according to the state broadcaster – ETV. The report indicated that currently 151 people affected by AWD are also identified in three locations of Amhara region. Currently in North Gondar, Tselemt area 90 people infected of AWD are identified and being treated. While in Abergele area 58 people and four in Beyeda area are getting treatment after acquiring AWD.

Reports show that AWD, which also often involves Cholera, been a serious health burden in many African countries. It occurs both as a short outbreak and protracted epidemic/pandemic. The transmission of the causative bacteria is usually through the fecal-oral route of contaminated food or water caused by poor sanitation.

ETV report indicated that the 152 suspected of acquiring AWD are being treated separately in the three localities. It is indicated that medical team at national regional and zone level is mobilized to contain the outbreak in the three areas. In addition, a team from the World Health Organization (WHO) and from Doctors Without Borders are also engaged to combat AWD in the three areas, according to ETV.

Ethiopia has the poorest sanitation facilities in Africa has been frequently hit by AWD. In Ethiopia AWD outbreak has been reported in different parts at different times. The outbreak in Moyale area in southern part of the country in 2016 a total of 268 cases and two deaths was reported. In 2017, it is also reported that some parts of Somali region of Ethiopia were also affected by AWD outbreak resulting in the death of many people.