Money re-launches its brand ahead of 50th anniversary

The iconic personal finance brand Money is launching a comprehensive rebrand, the first major overhaul to the brand in over 20 years.

The updated identity better represents the brand’s current suite of content, products, and tools on, while celebrating its rich heritage and culture.

“Our goal is to honor Money’s heritage by adopting a digitally remastered interpretation of our original 1972 print masthead. Our team is excited to nourish Money for the next 50 years and beyond,” said Melissa Powel, Head of Product at Ad Practitioners.

Money was acquired in 2019 by Ad Practitioners, a Puerto Rico-based digital media platform that brings original content to a monthly audience of over 10 million people. Since then, the company continues to invest significantly behind high-quality content, interactive user experiences, and overall site performance. With the launch of a redesigned, Ad Practitioners reaffirms its commitment to helping Money lead people to financial victories through up-to-date news, information, and other educational resources.

The Ad Practitioners team, in consultation with international design leaders, spent over a year crafting and refining the next iteration of the Money brand. Each element was carefully considered — from drop cap letters, which reference magazine layouts; to lined textures that mimic security features of currency; to the skeuomorphic badges Money will award to the winners of their “Best” series in which it reviews, ranks, and honors the best companies across personal finance categories.

“The logotype we selected draws on the original classic serif typeface modified to reproduce at small scale and across digital touchpoints, with a more approachable, friendly tone and personality that aligns with Money’s purpose of helping people achieve financial success,” said Joshua To, founder at design firm The Curious Company.

Money has also expanded the scope of resources on the site, adding handy calculators that help calculate whether a refinance is cost-effectiveyour debt-to-income ratio, or if you can afford that house you’ve been eyeing; and buyer guides covering mortgage lenders and refinance companies. car insurancepet insurance, and credit repair services.

by PRNewswire