Ethiopia tax income up 15 percent

The tax income of Ethiopia during the first six months of the current year started July 8, 2021 has increased to 171.3 billion Birr showing 14.9 percent rise from the same period the previous Ethiopian Calendar.

This is indicated today by the Ministry of Revenue which indicated that the tax revenue for the six months has increased by 22.21 billion Birr compared to the same time last year. The Ministry has stated that it has achieved 92.2 percent of its target for the six months period.

Out of the total revenue about 105.4 Birr is collected from domestic revenue, while about 65.9 billion is collected from customs revenue (import tax). It is stated that during the evaluation meeting of its performances the Ministry has identified the strategies, which will allow it to meet its target of collecting a total of 360 billion Birr at the end of the current Ethiopian fiscal year.

The previous budget year concluded July 7, 2020; the Government of Ethiopia has collected a total of 233.7 billion Birr tax revenue.