Ethiopia collects $612 million tax in April

The Ministry of Revenue of Ethiopia said it has collected 17.5 billion birr (around $612 million) tax last month.

This is indicated by the Minister of Revenue of Ethiopia Adanech Abebe, who indicated that the Ministry has performed well last month as a result of the employees’ hard work and obedience of the tax payers to discharge their responsibilities.

At the end of the year, Ethiopia targets to collect 213 billion birr (around $7.5 billion). Last month’s (April 2019) tax income of Ethiopia has increased the total amount of tax the country has collected over the last ten months to $5.6 billion.

It is recalled that the Ministry has collected a total of 144 billion birr ($5 billion) in the first nine months of Ethiopia’s current years started July 8, 2018. During the remaining two months the Ministry has said it will work hard to meet its target for the year working overtime, according to the statement of the Ministry of Revenue of Ethiopia.