Ethiopia launches 6 billion tree seedlings program

Ethiopia’s third round Green Legacy program that aims to plant 6 billion tree seedlings is officially launched today by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

During this third round of Green Legacy, Ethiopia targets to plant 6 billion seedlings and share 1 billion seedlings with neighboring countries. The program is launched at the Office of the Prime Minister with the presence of high level federal and regional government officials at the Office of the Prime Minister.

Ethiopia’s Green Legacy program was launched two years ago by planting 4 billion tree seedlings during the first year and some 5 billion last year.

Within four years Ethiopia aimed at plantings total of 20 billion tree seedlings to combat deforestation and combat the impact of global warming by reducing carbon emission. This year’s planting takes place under the motto “Let’s Adorn Ethiopia”.

Following the planting of 5 billion seedlings last year, Ethiopia will plant 6 billion seedlings in this round. An additional 1 billion seedlings will be sent to neighboring countries to start a regional effort towards a green Africa. Planting will begin today in rain-fed areas while areas that do not get rain regularly will start taking preparatory measures.

The discussions held during the launch focused on restoring the country’s greenery, eliminating erosion and pollution, reducing conflicts that arise due to environmental degradation and reduction of natural resources,

supporting the agricultural sector, and the economy. Prime Minister Abiy called on all Ethiopians to come in unison in covering the nation Green, seeing each other beyond lines of division.