Egypt has been doing everything in its power to halt GERD”: Deputy PM

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen said Egypt, which is currently rejecting justice and truth, has been doing everything in its power to halt the construction of GERD.

Speaking at a webinar which brought together university presidents, scholars and senior government officials, the deputy premier said Ethiopia’s enemies and their supporters are working hard to prevent the dam from happening as it is near completion,

“With the dam nearing completion, different forces and their supporters are worried about our overcoming poverty and thus work to destroy our hope,” he added.

He particularly mentioned Egypt’s relentless efforts aimed at disrupting the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

“Rejecting justice and truth, Egypt is using its all mights and resources to destroy Ethiopia’s hopes by disrupting the construction of the dam,” Demeke pointed out.

To achieve their goal, the groups have continued confusing and misleading countries and institutions by disseminating fake news and speculations, he revealed.

“In this regard, a campaign is being carried out against our country. Not only are false information fabricated but various forces have also been politicizing the dam and internationalizing this development project.”

However, the deputy prime minister stressed that the government, which has been entrusted with public trust, is paving the way for the completion of the dam without delay.  

Ethiopia has come a long way to change the wrong narrative and the dominant status quo on  equitable utilization of Nile River, Demeke noted, adding that “the entire Ethiopian scholars should, however, maximize their efforts on the digital front and ease the pressure in this regard.”

The deputy premier said, “We are now climbing to the top of the mountain. Yet obstacles have consistently been put on out path. We should at present work together to further our national interest. It is therefore imperative to engage influential diplomatic activities, especially the scholars of the country and the youth.”

Water, Irrigation and Energy Minister, Sileshi Bekele said Egypt and Sudan have been   hampering the progress of the tripartite negotiation on GERD under the African Union.

“They always come up with irrelevant reasons. For example, they had interrupted the negotiation under the chairmanship of the South African president seven times,” he revealed.

He noted that since the construction of the dam has now made good progress, Ethiopia will proceed with the second-round filling of the dam without any problem this rainy season.