Africa business forum in Ethiopia to focus on prosperity


The third round of Africa Business Forum scheduled in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia next month is set to focus on investing in people, planet and prosperity.

The Forum scheduled for 11 February 2020 will take place on the margins of the African Union Summit, according to the press statement from the UN Economic Commission for Africa.

Experts attending the forum will discuss the challenges and impacts of climate change; energy sustainability and efficiency; healthcare-renewable energy nexus; pharmaceuticals manufacturing; innovative financing mechanisms; governance and responsible investments; and sustainable development in Africa.

According to the organizing team, the Forum will be held against the backdrop of the climate variability and change, affecting many African economies, societies and eco-systems.

The changes contribute to significant losses in agriculture productivity, landslides, infrastructure damage, human insecurity and displacement, conflict and increases in vector borne diseases. Both public and private sectors need to address the hurdles of unpacking the climate-energy-health nexus and financing in Africa.

The Africa Business Forum is an annual event that brings together heads of states, policymakers, industry leaders, thinkers and private businesses to discuss the role of private sector in Africa’s development; cutting hedge and innovative ideas for financing sustainable development in Africa; and partnerships between African private and public sectors.

The Africa Business Forum focuses on the issues, challenges and opportunities that are most relevant for African economies and societies, and provides a unique networking environment for policymakers, private sector, financiers, academia and civil society.