Ethiopian police captures Nigerians with 42 kg cocaine

The Federal Police of Ethiopia today captured three Nigerian citizen with 42 kilograms of narcotic drug known as, cocaine.

The Police seized the three Nigerians and the 42 kg cocaine yesterday (Monday) evening around 8.30 pm at Bole International Airport in the capital Addis Ababa. The three drug traffickers have started their journey from Sao Paulo, Brazil and arrived Addis Ababa carrying 1,895 packages of cocaine, which weights 42 kilograms.

They were planning to smuggle the narcotic drug to different countries, according to Federal Police report, which quoted Inspector Adisu Baleni, head of narcotic drug control at Bole International Airport.

Inspector Adisu stated that even though the three drug traffickers have attempted to create chaos at the airport and tried to escape with the cocaine, the Police have managed to put them and the narcotic drug under control.

He also stated that about two weeks ago a Brazilian woman found carrying over 21 kilograms of cocaine, was also arrested by the federal police at Bole International Airport. She was planning to smuggle the narcotic drug into Dubai, United Arab Emirates, according to Inspector Adisu.

Inspector Adisu stated that narcotic drug trafficking has been increasing in Ethiopia. He stated that after the police arrest the traffickers and brought them to court, they never show up to the next court session.

The fact that the suspected criminals will not remain in jail till they get final verdict has made Ethiopia preferable by narcotic drug traffickers, the report stated.