Ethiopia approves law to tackle illegal arms trade

Following the increase of illegal arms trade and the security threat it poses on the country, the Minster of Council of Ethiopia on Saturday passes a bill that aims to tackle financing illegal arms trade and mass destructive weapons.

The new law aims to address the issue of financing mass destructive weapons. Before approving the draft bill, the ministers discussed how the movement of mass destruction weapons is global threat, according to the statement from the Office of the Prime Minister. The bill approved by the cabinet of ministers is referred to Ethiopia parliament for approval.

The justification of the bill also includes the need for Ethiopia to have proper law that can help the country to collaborate with the rest of the world in the fight against movement and financing as well as cross border illegal movement of mass destructive weapons.

Following the launching of political reform in Ethiopia and coming of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to power in last March, the police have been reporting the capture of thousands of pistols and bullets as well as other guns and explosives. Most of these weapons were captured while smuggled into the capital, Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia’s border with the Sudan is often mentioned as one of the major route for the people engaged in illegal arms trade. While most of the pistols captured so far are made in Turkey.