Addis launches 5,000 condos construction as thousands complain

Addis launches 5,000 condos construction as thousands complain

As thousands of people who received incomplete government houses continue to express their grievances, the Addis Ababa City Administration of Ethiopia today launched construction of 5,000 condos at Akaki Kaliti sub city.

The construction of the 4 and 9 story buildings  is expected to be completed within one year period using prefabricated technology. The City Administration has allocated 8 billion Birr for the construction of the houses. The construction will be implemented by the state construction company, Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation.

Addis Ababa City Mayor Adanech Abebe who laid the foundation this morning stated that the new houses will help the City solve the shortage of houses. She also indicated that the City Administration is heavily indebted with some 54 billion birr from the previous complicated and poorly managed housing projects.

After completing the 5,000 houses the City Administration aims to build 5,000 more houses using same model of prefabricated technology.

In a related development the state broadcaster ETV today has broadcasted complains of inhabitants of Addis Ababa City, who received incomplete houses three years ago from the Administration.

Even though thousands of houses are transferred to those who saved money and became beneficiary of the Government housing program, the constructions of the houses they have received are incomplete with no windows, elevators, underground parking space filled with water, etc, according to the report.

In Addis Ababa currently the construction of tens of thousands of government condominium houses under 40/60 and 20/80 program, among others is stuck though the officials indicated that over 85 percent of the construction is completed. The shortage of finance is often mentioned as the bottle neck not to complete the houses.