Ivanka Trump meets Ethiopian businesswomen in coffee, textiles industries

Ivanka Trump meets Ethiopian businesswomen in coffee, textiles industries

Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump and USAID Administrator Mark Green met with businesswomen engaged in coffee and textiles industries in the capital Addis Ababa.

After visiting Dumerso Coffee and Muya Textiles, they discuss the opportunities and challenges women entrepreneurs face in Ethiopia. During the meeting, Ms. Trump expressed United States’ support for improving the opportunities for women to start and grow their businesses in Ethiopia. At the conclusion of the meeting, Ms. Trump announced a new W-GDP award of a $260,000 loan provided by Enat Bank to help Azalech Tesfaye Owner of Azalech Coffee Roasting, Grinding and Packaging.

The funding will enable the company to expand its business, according to the press statement from the United States Embassy in Addis Ababa. The loan was made possible through a joint U.S.- and Swedish- funded loan guarantee program designed to increase access to finance for women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia. The delegation participated in a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony. The coffee plant originates from Ethiopia and coffee production is one of the country’s largest industries.

Textiles and handicrafts
Ivanka Trump and Mark Green and OPIC Acting President and CEO David Bohigian have also met with Sara Abera, the owner of Muya Ethiopia. Muya Ethiopia is one of the top textile and handicrafts companies in Addis Ababa that got its start through the assistance of USAID.

Ivanka Trump visits Muya Textiles in Ethiopia
Ivanka Trump visits Muya Ethiopia Textiles in Addis Ababa

The delegation toured the Muya Ethiopia production facility, met with employees, learned more about Abera’s experiences as a woman entrepreneur in Ethiopia, and heard about the impact of businesses like hers in creating local employment and economic opportunities.

Pillar two of WGDP aims to empower women as entrepreneurs by increasing their access to financing, market opportunities, mentorship and training to establish and grow their businesses. In that spirit, Ms.

Trump announced a new W-GDP award to expand the Muya business with the signing of a letter of interest for financing between Muya and Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). Muya demonstrates that development assistance can help countries move from aid recipients to trading partners, on their journey to self-reliance.