Ultimate Guide On How To Get An Emotional Support Animal

Emotional support animal is a companion animal for people who need therapeutic healing. In general, dogs often act as emotional support animals and offer required companionship and love to the patient.

However, it should be noted that an individual must have confirmed and had a unique disability to get an emotional support animal. Unlike service animals, ESAs don’t require any training to become an emotional support animal, barring the basic training for peaceful co-existence with humans. Here are some of the facts worth knowing about emotional support animal.

Basics on how to register dog as emotional support animal

First things first, an emotional support animal isn’t a family pet, but it works as a companion for people dealing with varied kinds of emotional, mental and psychiatric issues. Emotional support animals especially the dog can often be included in most communities, where pets aren’t allowed, or there are other issues. In fact, not many know that denying accommodation to a patient with emotional support animal may result in an FHA violation. For obtaining an emotional support animal, one must have a prescription from a doctor or healthcare professional, which will state that the patient has been diagnosed with some mental health problem and requires an emotional support animal for therapeutic care and companionship.

Things that matter to register emotional support animal

When a person calls for an emotional support animal for any disability or psychiatric issues, they must first seek permission from their landlord. It is sufficient to be as polite as possible in a written letter, where the patient (or his family) can stress the need for the animal. Keep in mind that you don’t need to mention the kind of disability you have clearly, but typically, a prescription from a healthcare practitioner is considered to be enough. It is also worthy to understand that service dogs are not same as an emotional support animal and possess special skills. On the other hand, ESAs are prescribed by a doctor, who knows that the presence of the animal is essential for the well-being of the patient.

How to get approved for an emotional support animal

Online emotional support animal prescription letters are now a popular choice for patients who want a companion animal. Advanced services will ask you to fill a questionnaire, and based on the facts detailing the prescription of the patient; they will assign a healthcare professional, who will prescribe the emotional support animal if at all needed. For the entire work, these services may charge a little extra, which is worth paying for, given that you will be benefited in many ways. Professional companies may even offer a refund on the cost when you do not qualify for the certificate. However, do read the procedure and terms and conditions in detail to understand whether an animal is your ultimate choice for healing.

With these aspects in mind, you may want to take a chance, especially if you have been looking for some companionship, love, and the added benefits. In rare cases, it is possible to have more than one animal as a companion, and you can also choose other animals, apart from dogs. Check online right away to find more details on how to register emotional support animal and other aspects that matter.


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