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Pandemic impact demands East Africa to accelerate digital transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe socio-economic impact in East Africa. While the region has esc

ACT accelerator partnership welcomes 870 million vaccine doses commitment

G7 leaders donate 870 million vaccine doses of COVID-19 pandemic for low and low-middle income countr

Africa’s Best Brands unaffected by pandemic

African Business today released its June cover story featuring its exclusive ranking of Africa’

Global trade’s recovery from COVID-19 crisis hits record high

Trade in goods during the first quarter of 2021 was higher than the pre-pandemic level, but trade in

A rare scene in Niger during pandemic

Looking over his hectares of rice in Saga, less than 10 minutes from central Niamey, Garba Soumana&#8

Using youth-friendly service does not increase risk of COVID-19

By Fitsum Workneh – Adolescence is a unique and critical stage of life, the biological and psyc

Ethio Telecom donates $3 million to stop COVID-19 spread

Ethio Telecom, the fully state owned telecommunications service provider in Ethiopia, today announced

Ethiopia reports one additional coronavirus patient

The Ministry of Health of Ethiopia today announced that it has found one more coronavirus (COVID-19)

Ethiopia avails $154 million to combat COVID-19

The Government of Ethiopia today announces availing 5 billion birr (about $154 million) to combat the