Future Hotel Franchise Investment Trends in Africa

Future Hotel Franchise Investment Trends in Africa

Hotel Chain Franchise; A Journey To a Profound Success – For the past decade, the hospitality industry has been undergoing some changes. From individual hotel to chain hotel, and from chain hotel to franchise hotel chain, the emergence of a new concept also means the end of an old era.

Service industry is the trend of business development, and many people are looking to invest in hotels. Hotel franchising is the new approach to efficiently capture the market share and achieve higher profits at lower costs. From the Asian hotel market to the African hotel market, hotel franchise is about to make a huge hotel business revolution in the continent.

Choosing the right franchise hotel brand in Africa is the first step to triumph
In the past eleven years, Sunmei group has witnessed many changes in the hotel franchise industry from scratch to vigorous developments.

With more than 3800 hotels in Asia and 60 million memberships, Sunmei group ranks among the top five in Asia for three consecutive years and ranks the 12th worldwide. Sunmei group leads the future direction of investment in the Asian hotel industry with its strong influence. Now, it brings the three hotel brands of IVYHotel, Rizti Hotel and OAK Hotel into Africa and leads the African hotel market into the era of franchise hotels.

IVY Hotel Rendering

Successful enterprises can always formulate an impeccable strategic plan at the most prominent time. Sunmei group has a quiet wide understanding about the hospitality market and the consumers as well. After carrying out sufficient market research and a thorough analysis in Africa, it has proposed the new investment initiative to the investment market, which is joining a franchise brand chain hotel and to jointly move towards the future of hotel investment in Africa.

How to make every franchise hotel in Africa successful?
Every step of Sunmei group moving forward is based on the knowledge and understanding of the end consumers. Sunmei group relies on accurate market positioning and professional team. It takes the mission of making every franchise hotel profitable and aims to provide clean, comfortable and beautiful hotel for every traveler. Thus, it shall provide standardized chain service and living experience for guests.

African hotel franchising market enjoys the following advantages:
1. Precise market positioning: the T1 core business circle and the T2 city core business circle of Ethiopia; the small and medium-quantity of guest rooms matches the property situation in the local market; the four-star hotel in Africa;

2. Low investment threshold: a minimum of 30 rooms and for T2 city a minimum of 20 rooms;

3. Small total investment amount: a minimum of $10,000 for one guest room, and the total investment amount ranges from $200,000 to $300,000.

Rizti Hotel Rendering

4. Product diversity: the implementation of customized strategy, an integration of theme rooms, so that the return is not only from the brand upgrading.

5. The delivery of customer sources: OTA group reservation, Consumer Loyalty Program, integrated social media marketing, cooperation with large international travel agencies, and other diversified means of the delivery of customer sources;

6. Fast return on investment: The average occupancy rate of 70% and the average annual return as high as 40%. The return on investment (ROI) is 2-3 years, and the fastest return is 1 year.

By reducing investment cost and providing one-stop service and brand protection system, Sunmei group’s hotel franchise program is becoming a predominant business investment in the African hotel market.

OAK Hotel Rendering

One of the most important values of Sunmei group is its loyalty to its customers.

In the past 11 years, Sunmei group has strained every nerve to create value for our guests and help owners to make profits in a short period of time. Many have succeeded by joining the company. Will you be the next?For more information you can visit our website