Ethiopia House of Federation Speaker resigns

A few months before her term completes, the Speaker of the House of Federation of Ethiopia, Kiriya Ibrahim announced today resigning from her post.

She urged the Members of Federation not to be part of what she called “historical mistake”. She made the announcement today on Tigray TV. Her announcement came at the time the Members of the House of Federation of Ethiopia are expected to hold a meeting in the coming weeks to vote on the recommendations of the Constitutional Inquiry Council. The ten members Constitutional Inquiry Council is established recently to give legal interpretation of articles of the Ethiopian Constitution and advice to the House of Federation to vote on.

The Council has been looking into parts of the constitution that relates mainly to how and for how long the current regime stays on power by postponing the 6th general election because of COVID-19 outbreak.

Ethiopia was supposed to hold its next general election in the coming July. Meanwhile a few months ago the National Electoral Board announces suspending the election indicating that it couldn’t be able to conduct election preparation activities because of the state of emergency the country imposed to combat COVID-19.

Commenting on Kiriya’s resignation, “We heard on the media about her resignation like any other person. We had a meeting last Thursday she was leading that meeting …we prepared the agenda for the next meeting and dispatched the invitation for the meeting with her signature…We never heard from her about plan of resigning. There is a procedure to resign and she never submitted a letter about her resignation,” said Mohammed Reshid, Deputy Speaker of the House of Federation who spoke this evening with the state broadcaster ETV.