13 people die in road traffic accident in Ethiopia

A fatal traffic accident occurred last night in Bale zone of Oromia region of Ethiopia leads to the death of 13 people.

The accident has occurred last night at 6 pm around Homa kebele Disho wereda, according to the state newswire, Ethiopian News Agency, which quoted a police officer inspector. The 13 people died when Delphine minibus code 3 -35653 Oro, which was travelling from Shashemene city to Bale Robe town carrying passengers, collided with Sino Truck. The report indicated that Sino Truck code 3 -85637 Et was heading to Addis Ababa from Bale Robe.

While 13 of the passengers passed way immediately, four heavily injured passengers are sent to Addis Ababa for better medial treatment, according to ENA. Road traffic accident is one of causes of death in Ethiopia. Official report shows that in 2017/18 fiscal year that ended on July 8, some 5,118 people died in traffic accidents in Ethiopia, while 7,754 people  sustained serious physical injuries fand some 7,775 others had light injuries.