Ethiopia inaugurates agroindustry park

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia today inaugurated the state owned Bulbula Integrated Agro-Industry Park, which aims to process meat, fruits and vegetables, among others.

Built in Oromia region, the Park is laid on 263 hectares of land. “Modernizing our agricultural capabilities is further enhanced through the development of agro-industries. Our inauguration of the Bulbula Integrated Agroindustry Park is a demonstration of our vision for prosperity for the agriculture sector, for our farmers and; our consumers,” Prime Minister Abiy said.

Bulbula is one of the five agroindustry parks the government of Ethiopia is building in different parts of the country. In addition to agroindustry parks, there are about 13 industrial parks owned both by the government and the private sector mainly focusing on textiles, apparel and leather products.