Is it a good idea to finance your business with a personal loan?


If you could smartly and wisely manage personal loan debt, this could make sure your business gets a healthy life of growth and bring enough peace of mind for the owner. As long as setting up a business is concerned, there is always a need for right financing.

Financing for a business can certainly come from various sources which sometimes even include a personal loan. What is the right type of loan that you should choose as long as business financing is concerned?

Although the cheapest personal loans are usually lent to individuals, yet there are times when you can finance your business with a personal loan as well. Read on to know when.

When should you finance your business with a personal loan?

It is often tough to secure a commercial loan for your business. Reports reveal that only 35% of small businesses obtain funding as compared to 75% large businesses. Here are few situations when you can use a personal loan for your business.

  1. If you still haven’t established a business identity

In order to secure a loan, your business should have the ability to speak on its own. If you have a trustworthy flow of cash, a well-proved business plan and a thriving facility, these will boost your chances of approval. If you’re a brand new entrepreneur, you can be face impediments while getting a business loan and this is when you can seek help of a personal loan.

  1. If the amount you require is small enough

There are many banks which hesitate to issue loans of a small amount as they don’t yield high interest rates for the bank. In case you wish to take out a loan of $25,000, you will most likely not get it from the bank. This is yet another situation when you can use your personal loan to finance your business.

  1. If you don’t have required collateral to secure a loan

Besides cash flow, inadequate collateral is one more reason for businesses being turned down on loans. Although SBA lenders won’t deny you from getting a business loan if collateral is the only issue that holds you back but the other conventional lenders might not be this much lenient.

When should you opt for a business loan?

When borrowers have unique limitations, personal loans can be a better choice for you. But there are also times when business loans might be a better option. They can be chosen when:

  • You are sure that you can qualify for a loan from SBA
  • You’re confident about your repaying ability
  • You’ve got an immaculate track record

Your lender will always have your success in mind. Choosing the best financing option will let you realize that you can build strong relationships that can support you. Let your business flourish by the best funding option.